Converse Dog Shoes - Red with Blue Stars

Converse Dog Shoes - Red with Blue Stars

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Dogs will look hip and fabulous in these kickin' Red Converse Dog Shoes by Parisian Pet with Denim Stars!

  • Blue stars scattered on red converse
  • Lace up sneakers
  • Rubber soles
  • 4 shoes 

Why We Love It:

Every dog with a strong fashion sense needs a pair of quality athletic shoes. These Converse dog sneakers are designed with a gorgeous blue star pattern, with red denim and a striking contrast with the white laces and soles. These tennis shoes are easy to put on and to take off.


  • Length: 1.5"
  • Width: 1.25"


  • Length: 1.75"
  • Width: 1.438"


  • Length: 1.875"
  • Width: 1.5"


  • Length: 2"
  • Width: 1.562"


  • Length: 2.25"
  • Width: 1.75"